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Durable wire fencing, designed to repell intrusive animals

Feral Fencing is the result of many years of manufacturing and a determined will to find an easier way to put up a fence.

After the 2010/11 Dalby Floods washed away fences of numerous properties, and faced with the task of replacing his own fence, Gary Briggs saw a need for a better way to fence and developed the revolutionary Feral Fencing System.

Gary Briggs OAM

Being raised in the Gulf Country, Managing Director, Gary Briggs, knows the hard work that goes into installing fences in the bush.

Gary’s career has seen him involved with rural enterprises as a stock and station agent before becoming his own boss starting Six Wheeler Conversions in 1985.

He would go on to acquire Dingo Australia in 1991, manufactuirng the famous mini diggers most of you have hired for a past fencing or trenching job. Since acquiring Dingo Australia, the Dalby-based business has become the world supplier of premium mini diggers.

After the 2010/11 Dalby Floods swept away his fence, Gary was faced with the difficult task of building a new fence. It was then that he declared he was too old to go fencing again and developed the revolutionary system, and Feral Fencing was born.

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