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A New Way to Fence Australia

Introducing the revolutionary Dingo Fencing System

New, because it goes back to basics and fixes the problems, then uses better materials and erects fence faster than ever before. At a lower cost. A totally win, win solution.

A system where the posts are punched into the ground with the wire already threaded through them.

But that’s not all.

  • Tough posts that don’t rust or rot, and with a unique shape that makes them stronger and able to be stacked like bullets in a magazine.
  • High quality plain wire with enough strands to stop all domestic stock. From 5 to 9 wires depending on your requirements.
  • The ability to electrify to control all ferals. Electrification that can be fully monitored.
  • A totally new insulator that can be inserted at a later date. When the need arises.
  • High visibility provided by sufficient orange droppers. Your choice of how many. Tough end strainers that are simple, strong and effective in all conditions.
  • And we guarantee that we can erect it at least twice the speed of any other system.

Because all properties are different, we always modify the fence to suit local conditions and stock and feral requirements. 

When people read our brochure, they will see our standard recommendations. But all fences need to be localised. 

We can use our aluminium posts, wire and droppers in any combination that is needed. 
We don’t use barb because it has to be manually attached and that takes too long. Plain wire was good enough for Grandad. Rogue cattle, roos and dogs need electricity, not barb wire. Plain wire fences require almost no maintenance. 

Do you have a fencing project coming up that you want to make easier? 

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